Artificially intelligent farming machinery is farming for the future, it can cut your costs and reduce energy usage through revolutionary convolutional neural networking.  

Welcome to the Electric Revolution. 

Limited Labour, Ample Demand 

In so many countries, farm labour is plummeting to the point that 56% of 1,000 farmers are unable to hire adequate labour, and with the average age of a farmer increasing – and the % of younger farmers falling – there is less and less physical capability to work as thoroughly and intensively as farmers are known for. In Eastern Europe, small, organic farms are beginning to feel the impact of this labour shortage, along with pesticide problems and rising energy costs. Artificial Intelligence is the solution; Cavonix, with decades of experience in rapid software development know how to stay ahead.  

The Electric Revolution 

Cavonix Autonomous Technology has the potential to be ground-breaking, pun intended, for agricultural labour. Electric autonomy bids farewell to billowing clouds of black exhaust filling the atmosphere, morning wakeups to find that meticulously planted seeds have been dug up by the midnight marauding rabbits and mice, and biblical floods sweeping through the fields ruining a month’s dedicated effort. Leading experts in technology development are committing time and money into the belief that the future of farming is here. These electric systems offer 75% reduction in energy costs that are beginning to take their toll on farming families small and large; the animal/crop genetics, chemical equipment and organisations are taking over – and taking the climate with them.  

In Conclusion 

So, let’s rock down to electric avenue – minus Eddy Grant. Say goodbye to pesticides as, to risk sounding too much like Terminator, Cavonix autonomous technology for agriculture will annihilate threats and pests in mere milliseconds through their convolutional neural networks that use satellite data and GPS technology to allow the farming-designed autonomous vehicles to create a geofenced area to map out and do its job. The impact of Artificial Intelligence on farming and agriculture is boundless. 

Cavonix are developing this technology for you, to provide solutions to your problems, and prevent farmers gathering their crops and livestock two-by-two and waiting out the ever changing shift in climate.