It’s so fracking good… I’m not being crude, it really is. Autonomy does it for you, lowering the safety risks for miners – likely doing a better job at protecting a mine’s integrity than Indiana Jones did. Most aspects of driving are now becoming completely autonomous, but Cavonix believe dangerous sectors of work can be improved massively, because who should have to endanger their lives in order to put food on the table? 

Literally The Temple of Doom

Drones, Robots and Autonomous Vehicles aiding the workforce should come as no surprise given the current rise in demand for AI and autonomous technology. These vehicles will join the workforce improving accuracy to mapping and digging, as well as lowering the safety risks for manual workers. 15,000 miners die every year due to unsafe working conditions and so without the added risk of rockfalls, explosions and many other dangers fatal to humans, productivity will increase dramatically, and much time will be saved allowing room for more digging. That’s twice as much work getting done in one day.

Who Needs Friends When You Have Robots?

Technology is a lot more reliable than two men and a pencil; the precision of a drone is a lot more meticulous, reaching points too dangerous for human workers, and it gets the plans drawn out faster. In terms of driving – 90% of all vehicular accidents per year are due to human errors, taking Dan the dodgy driver out of the equation, and you’re left with a riskless, accurately planned workforce running smoothly and hastily – gold dust in this field. The notion of autonomous mining is extremely exciting because many undiscovered minerals exist in areas impossible to access on foot, this means making new discoveries in unchartered land, you might even find the Sankara stones.

Cavonix to the Rescue

With Cavonix Mining solutions, you can opt for either full control of the driving or none, as our technology can be configured either way – we can also retrofit our tech to fit your existing vehicles and devices, so you don’t have to worry about digging a hole in your pocket. We use Fleet Management Systems that track all your vehicles, improving underground communications, automation and transport – you can even see through the eyes of your vehicle with live stream features. We implement LIDAR and Radar sensors, allowing obstacles to be renavigated around, and maintain their visibility in low-quality light areas or fog.  We optimise everything for your experience to be as satisfactory as it can be, and where other companies see autonomous mining as too much work, and not a big enough market – we see it as a challenge, and to that we say; challenge accepted.


There you have it, Autonomous vehicles for mining are the future for the operations, with our in-house technology designed to fulfil every one of your needs, you will be more than satisfied – and if being better than Indiana Jones is anything to go by, who wouldn’t want one? It’s the next best thing to having a Batmobile (and that’s fracking awesome).