The autonomous mining market has increased exponentially over the past couple of years. Post-COVID-19, the world has been picking up the pieces of everything it has lost over the pandemic. But with autonomous technology on the rise, things are looking up for many different markets, in particular – mining.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) have predicted that in 2022, 75% of the top 100 miners will be operating autonomous drill rigs. This massively increases equipment efficiency and improves operations steadfast for mining companies with the ability to procure these pieces of equipment. Transparency Market Research (TMR) have predicted that the global smart mining market is to reach $29.1 billion by 2031. This is because miners are starting to believe in all the benefits of autonomy greatly outweighing any negatives. Whilst mines are getting deeper, labour becomes more intense – because apparently that was possible – and people in the mining industry are finding it harder and harder to keep up, and therefore bringing autonomy into the mines offers more control over energy, supplies and wages.

Only a small percentage of the top-earning mining companies can afford autonomous technology. This is a tactic often used in the effort to ‘phase in’ new innovations in order to not overwhelm and cause panic. Technology is first offered to the largest companies at the top of the ‘food chain,’ allowing a slow trickle down the ladder until most people have access to it and can’t remember a time without it, therefore limiting the complaints and confusion and essentially forcing the public into a state of acceptance. As many autonomy companies are already providing their products to large, well-established mining companies all over the world, Cavonix would like to offer everybody the opportunity to reap the benefits of autonomous mining in the safest way possible. We offer affordable, quality innovations ready to transform the way you mine. The global mining truck market is set to grow by $991.95 million from 2020-2025, as autonomous technology is accruing, giving miners much more confidence in making investments.

Despite a stiff push back from union workers who see it as a threat to jobs, there will always be a need for humans working in the industry, but our aim is to maintain better working conditions and put an end to the massive amount of danger that miners are put in every day. In Bolivia, the life expectancy is roughly 35 for those who work in and around mines. Not only that, but children as young as 5 begin working underground causing significant pollution and poisoning. Taking the humans out from underground and away from the dust, mercury, lead, zinc and copper will massively increase life expectancy of many, and hopefully one day all miners.

Cavonix believe that not only are our products incredible advanced in the technological world, but they are lifechanging for mines small and large, helping to remove danger and prevent children below the legal western schooling age from beginning work in the mines. With our affordable, safe and productive assets, our technology can help to create a clean, sustainable world.