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Cavonix’s team of engineers have extensive and specialised skills in creating our very own in-house technology,  and have built and fully tested an affordable, proven, autonomous stack with vision AI and 4D Radar sensors that can be installed on any vehicle. Our technology is ideal for excavators, earthmovers, and tractors operating in off-highway environments, amongst various other trades and industries.

We focus on vehicles that operate in controlled environments,  and we can rapidly produce an end product, which we have demonstrated before in just a four-week challenge. We develop technology that provides solutions to such a versatile group; Airport Side, Agriculture, Mining and VTOL Drones, helping all sectors increase safety, maximise productivity, and save time and money. Above all, our technology works and is a vital piece of any industry to thrive.

During five years of research and development, we have reduced the total production cost of the complete system making it very affordable to OEMs and a realistic, affordable option for end users today. 

Off-highway markets are in desperate need of autonomy to meet the current labour shortages, improve fuel efficiency, increase yields, and improve overall productivity. So with our combined efforts, we can offer full autonomy in the largest range of use cases across the field.

Vehicle Self-Driving Systems
Worker Awareness and Safety AI System
Excavator Operations System
Autonomy as a Service
Full Off-Highway Vehicle Autonomy System with Fleet Management

Partnered With Greatness

We are officially technology providers for EVIE Autonomous!

EVIE Autonomous is a real, electric, fully autonomous platform solution intended to be integrated for everyone to use.

This technology is affordable, adaptive, environmentally friendly, and accessible.

EVIE have selected Cavonix as a partner in creating autonomous systems for their Pods…



A Complete System

Traditionally developed autonomous vehicles are expensive and work in limited conditions, not in real-world operations, however, Cavonix has built a low-cost autonomous system for off-highway vehicles in controlled environments, able to work in harsh conditions.

At its heart, Cavonix’s autonomous stack is a control system built via the proprietary CAVLab software. This enables the rapid deployment of the system onto any target vehicle, both electric and conventionally powered. It is easily adapted, and we continue to improve and add to the range of vehicles it currently works on.

Our ‘Lift & Shift’ autonomous solution has been successfully deployed on several vehicles including a tractor, airport bus, transport pod, and an off-road vehicle. It comprises a complete solution including the sensors, the autonomous control system, a certified safety controller, and of course the integration into the vehicle’s controls (accelerator, brakes, steering, and other sub-systems) – x by wire.


Use Cases:
Airport Side
Geological Extraction

Our services


The potential for our technology is endless, and we have the ability to adapt it to any industry or market. We and constantly improving and adding to the range of services we provide and we are confident that we are the solution.

The current range of vehicles that we support consists of, though is not limited to:

Agricultural Machinery
Airport Transport
Military Support Vehicles


Our DNA comes from a background in Robotics developing robotics control software for companies all over the world.

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