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Providing reassurance for passengers and the public in the use of eVTOL aircraft as their deployment grows exponentially.

Avionics Solutions

Using our sensor fusion suite, we have developed safety system concepts for eVTOL Drones and other aircraft.

These include Safe Landing Site Identification, GPS Denial Geolocation, Collision Avoidance, Poor Visibility Solutions, and Clear Landing Artificial Intelligence (AI).


safe landing Site identification

Ensuring a safe zone to land in a busy city is not easy, and in the case of an emergency where time is of the essence, finding a safe landing zone quickly is essential but tricky.
Our ‘Look-Down’ AI system continuously scans the ground, segmenting the images and identifying safe landing zones as the aircraft passes overhead.
Information can be passed to other aircraft in the area, or back to the base operation in order to ensure a continuously updated plot of potential landing zones is available.
This technology allows avoidance of people, property, vehicles, terrain and any other objects on the ground, as well as ensuring safety for any operators inside the aircraft.

All four Civil Aviation Authorities are positive that our technology is safe and essential, especially for fully autonomous eVTOLs.

SiteIDFusion Tech
gpsFusion Tech

gps denial Geolocation

A GPS signal is a key element that allows an aircraft to provide its relative location at all times. Our ‘Look-Down’ system is easily adapted to provide both GPS location and situational awareness.
Mapping correlation algorithms are used to match aircraft footage with existing ground imagery, allowing us to accurately determine the GPS coordinates of any landing site nearby.
Geolocation is crucial for directing an aircraft to a safe landing zone, and the AI system can identify this and use advanced real-time image processing allowing us to enhance live images so that we can see through challenging visibility conditions and provide assurance and accuracy.

Collision Avoidance

By making use of 3D and 4D LIDAR and Radar, we can we can create accurate pictures of any environments around the aircraft and ensure that it avoids obstacles like trees, telegraph poles and other objects as it descends towards a landing site.

We implement cutting edge hardware and advanced software sensor fusion to create a reliable and cost-effective safety system. These systems combine Radar, LIDAR and Artificial Intelligence camera technology. This can be retrofitted into almost any new generation eVTOL aircraft and drone.

poor visibility solutions

Obstructions and potential hazards may be hidden in areas of low-visibility such as rain, fog, mist and darkness. Radar sensors detect this and can essentially ‘see-through’ the cluttered areas, allowing obstructions to be seen as they would under normal, visible circumstances.

This is through advanced real-time image processing using high definition cameras, we use image enhancement to continue operating in challenging visibility conditions and low-light.

Clear Landing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By sharing the real time data back to a base using our 4/5G telemetry technology, remote operators and flight control centres can maintain records of all potential safe landing sites along a flight path.

These can then be used even in zero visibility or darkness.

The Emergency Descent Arrest System provides a safe and controlled descent in case of an emergency. The activation of EDAS is controlled by data from altitude and descent velocity sensors from the look-down system., these systems that we have developed will operate automatically and provide safe, controlled descent in case of emergency. It uses a combination of parachutes, retro-rocket motors and stroking crashworthy seats.


Our hardware has been refined and and tested to ensure the highest levels of safety and precision. The hardware we provide is second to none.








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