Who We Are

We are a team of engineers, who are accustomed to getting results where others have failed. Our approach to autonomous technologies is no different, we identify the areas where the most difference can be made and innovate to create solutions to achieve something truly unique, and most importantly, useful.

We have gained a deep understanding of our sector by creating many of the components integral to our solutions, in-house. This allows the seamless integration of many technologies, and this approach has allowed us to significantly reduce project timescales.

Our Story So Far..

Cavonix has significant experience working with global organisations, offering and developing autonomous and X by Wire vehicle control systems.

As we began, we developed high-quality technology for many white-label projects exhibiting our vast understanding of the engineering, manufacturing and developing processes involved in creating autonomous vehicles. We have assisted in the development of 4×4 off-roaders, pods, shuttles, agricultural machinery, airport transport buses and military support vehicles, all created with Cavonix’s very own in-house technology, built by our esteemed engineers.

Now, we are creating our very own versatile range of autonomous vehicles and AI technology, from Agriculture to Avionics – Mining and Drones. We work to increase safety, and sustainability, maximising profit and saving time and money.

Here at Cavonix we value our consumers and aim to provide the utmost experience for all markets. For universally accessible advancements, and providing solutions for success – we develop technology so fundamental, you won’t need to look back.

We are the Technology Provider for Evie Autonomous

We are excited to announce that we are officially the technology providers for EVIE Autonomous. EVIE have decided to appoint us as chief purveyor of autonomous technology, such as our CAV autonomous stack, used at the heart of all EVIE Autonomous pods.

We are constantly growing and looking to develop new relations and partnerships with potential OEM production partners, with rapidly growing demand in various sectors.

Street Pod_Front

Our Approach

We focus on vehicles that operate in controlled environments. With our combined experience in streamlined processes, and decades of experience to facilitate the delivery of products in a time and cost-efficient way, our technology is developed in-house by our dedicated and assiduous team.

Our Mission

Our mission is always been and always will be to deliver affordable, proven autonomous solutions for any industry, improving efficiency and productivity.

Our Vision

At Cavonix we envision a smarter future, and innovation on your doorstep. We work towards this goal, developing the technology to provide solutions and help bring forward our future.

Meet the Makers

Steven Lake

Steven Lake


Steven Lake has built up several successful global manufacturing companies delivering mass-produced electronics hardware to OEMs and motorsport, also a pretty handy racing driver in his spare time.

Carl Owen

Carl Owen


Carl Owen has spent years developing robotics technology and working with real-time software for signal processing, whilst building race cars for fun.

Malcolm Barbour

Malcolm Barbour

Head of Software (HOS)

Malcolm Barbour has developed award-winning graphical programming languages for the music industry, video processing and robotics, whilst running marathons at the weekends.

Key Markets


VTOL Drones >

Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Drones evaluate and calculate optimal area perimeters. With Cavonix Fleet Management and RTK GPS system, VTOL drones will assess optimum pathways that cover an entire geofenced area, maximising the yield performed by agricultural applications.

They can operate at high speeds, covering large areas, and produce accurate mapping. VTOL Drones reduce risks and can hover for extended periods of time ensuring that the designated area is mapped to maximum capability. The efficient maneuverability and extended hovering are what make the technology so advanced, and the drones can take off and land vertically at any location at any given time, completely unmanned.


Agritech >

The Cavonix autonomous stack is a concept turned creation aimed at mapping, driving, and monitoring.  Just like a person it can see, feel, control and communicate, eliminating the need for a driver. This means that farmers have time to focus on other areas of their businesses without having to constantly harvest and plant which often end up taking all day, and well into the night.

56% of UK land is farmed, and given the current climate and labour shortages, farming has become exceptionally harder work, giving little time for agricultural workers to do anything. Built by the innovators of technology, for the farmers of the land, to feed the mouths of the hungry – our technology provides solutions for some of our largest current problems.


Aviation >

Providing advanced solutions for airport transport, we have developed autonomous control systems that can be retrofitted to Airport Buses and Baggage Handling  vehicles allowing operators to drive the vehicles manually or fully autonomously.

Our Artificial Intelligence system can identify foreign objects in the path of the vehicle, and our LIDAR sensors can accurately give a range to any obstacles in view. In addition, we have a Radar sensor that can see in difficult light conditions such as fog.

We already have our technology in existing airport shuttles, and as we progress, further airport support vehicle automation is just around the corner.


Mining >

Implementing autonomous technologies for mining provides maximised efficiency and productivity. Cavonix mining solutions can be configured for assistance in operation by humans, or drive completely autonomously and what’s more; our technology can be retrofitted to existing vehicles, saving both time and money.

Track all vehicles with fleet management software (FMS), improving underground communication, automation and transport – use our video streaming services to see what your vehicle is seeing.

This improves major safety conditions and health risks, and with this comes a vast increase in the scale of operation leading to a job increase in places where jobs may be decreasing. GPS mapping, software design and data availability will increase in the trade as the scale of jobs that need to be filled are tipping further into technology. 

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